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We are proud to work with many partners in our community to bring you this wonderful family-friendly event. Some community partners have included:

Medieval Festival Donations

Unto You does Open Fields in Thetford, VT send Greetings and Salutations.

Good Master or Mistress:

By proclamation of the King and Queene, together with Open Fields, a most excellent Schoole*, it has been decided that a festive Faire shall occur the 27th of May, Anno Domini 2017, on the Greene of Thetford Hill. Behold with wonder the sights and sounds of a Medieval village during this affordable family-friendly festival. A King & Queen, knights and ladies, peasants, farmers and craftsmen gather to celebrate the age via music, dance, games, food, artisan demonstrations, and the talents of the acclaimed No Strings Marionette Company.

It is hoped that Friends of the Thetford Community will assist said Faire and its over 500 annual Attendees with their Generous Gifts of Goodes and Coin that are sorely needed. The children of the realm are doing their part practicing a Maypole dance, singing songs of yore, and researching medieval history. Can the Kingdom of Open Fields count on you to help as well?

In particular, we be in need of Donors to keep this community event affordable:

  • 500 dollare donations earn ye the Eternal Friendship of the King and Queene, and names you a Founder of the Feast (Underwriting of Entertainment)

  • 250 dollare donations earn ye the Respect of our Lords and Ladies, through the building of the Medieval Village (Tent Rentals)

  • 100 dollare donations earn ye earn ye a Kiss from Brunhilda the Cooke as a provider of libation and victuals (Purchase of Food and Drink)

  • 50 dollare donations earn ye the Appreciation of the Artisan Guilds as a patron of the Medieval Marketplace
    (Craft Demonstrations)

  • 25 dollare donations earn ye the Undying Gratitude of the Inhabitants of the Realm as a provider of the garderobe (Porta-Potty Rental)

We hear wonderous words of the Great Generosity of your fine household and do humbly beseech you to find whether it be possible to endow the Festival with your generous gift. If any knowledge of this Faire need be sent you, request it of me at

Your Humble and Most Grateful Servant,

Assistant Town Crier of Open Fields
Thetford Hill, Vermont

*Open Fields School is a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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