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Our Community

We are proud to work with many partners in our community to bring you this wonderful family-friendly event. Some community partners have included:


Join the fun of the Open Fields Medieval Festival by wearing your favorite costume to the faire.

Although 'street clothes' are certainly allowed, many festival visitors elect to dress up for the occasion by wearing something "medieval".

You'll be surprised how easy it can be to transform your clothing into a costume that is medieval-looking. Not sure where to start? Linen always works well, as do leggings with a poet's shirt, dressed up with a vest. You can easily slip a tabard over a tee shirt and a pair of jeans, or wear a simple dress to achieve something that is in the medieval spirit.

Looking for an easy costuming solution? Our festival tailors have been hard at work, and gorgeous handmade costumes and accessories (pictured at right and below) are available at our on-site costume shop for very reasonable prices.

Costumes designed by local artist Anya Johnson.